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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 15, 1999


On March 18, 1999, I asked the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, the PFIAB, to undertake a review of the security threat at the Department of Energy's weapons labs and the measures that have been taken to address it. PFIAB Chairman Warren B. Rudman presented the Board's findings to me today. I have asked the PFIAB to make the report available to Congress and to the public.

I would like to thank Senator Rudman and the Board members who undertook this important study over a 90-day period, reviewing hundreds of documents and conducting dozens of interviews. As the report recognizes, the Department of Energy represents the best of America's scientific talent and expertise. The value of their contributions makes it imperative that we place a premium on ensuring that we have instituted the best possible measures for the protection of our nation's most valuable secrets at Department facilities.

This Administration already has taken unprecedented steps to reduce the vulnerability of our secrets at the labs. Over a year ago I issued a sweeping Directive to strengthen counterintelligence across the board at the Department of Energy, and Secretary Richardson has aggressively instituted new rules and procedures for counterintelligence and security at DOE facilities. The PFIAB has made a number of proposals which we will carefully review. We remain committed to taking the necessary steps to safeguard our nation's secrets.

As these vital national security issues are addressed, we will be most successful if we continue our efforts in a bipartisan manner with close cooperation between the Executive and Legislative branches of Government.

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