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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 15, 1999

President Clinton today announced his intent to appoint Thomas J. Donohue, Gerald Greenwald, Louis V. Gerstner Jr., Rhoda Karpatkin, and Robert Shapiro to be members of the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN).

Mr. Thomas J. Donohue, of Potomac, Maryland, took the helm of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as President and Chief Executive Officer in 1997. Mr. Donohue has been credited with bringing new vision and revitalization to the Chamber. He established a new Institute for Legal Reform, and lead the bid to modernize the Chamber's multimedia effort by making business information and advocacy programs available on the World Wide Web. Prior to returning to the Chamber where he was previously a group Vice President, Mr. Donohue served for 13 years as President and CEO of the American Trucking Association (ATA), the national organization of the trucking industry. He currently serves on a number of boards, including Marymount University, Sunrise Assisted Living, and the Hudson Institute. Additionally, he is a member of the Business Advisory Committee of the Transportation Center at Northwestern University and President of the Center for International Private Enterprise, a program of the National Endowment for Democracy. Mr. Donohue earned a bachelor's degree from St. John's University. He also holds honorary doctorate degrees from Adelphi, St. John's, and Marymount Universities.

Mr. Gerald Greenwald, of Chicago, Illinois, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of UAL Corporation and United Airlines, its principal subsidiary company. President Clinton, in 1997, asked Mr. Greenwald to lead the National Welfare to Work Partnership as it's Chairman. Previously, he served as President of Olympia & York Developments Ltd., Managing Director of Dillon Read & Co., Inc., and as Corporate Controller and CEO for the Chrysler Corporation before being named Vice Chairman. He currently serves on the boards of Aetna, Time Warner and the Aspen Institute. Mr. Greenwald is a member of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago, the Council on Competitiveness, and serves on the Executive Committee of the Economic Club of Chicago. Mr. Greenwald graduated cum laude form Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School and received a master in economics from Wayne State University.

Mr. Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., of Greenwich, Connecticut, has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation since 1993. In addition to serving on the ACTPN, the President Clinton has appointed him as a member of the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee. Mr. Gerstner established himself as a corporate leader prior to joining IBM, when he served as Chairman and CEO of RJR Nabisco, President of American Express Company, and Chairman and CEO of its largest subsidiary, American Express Travel Related Services Company. Extending his leadership into the community, Mr. Gerstner serves on the boards of the Smithsonian Institution, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the America-China Society, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, and as Vice Chairman of the New American schools Development Corporation. He is also a co-author of Reinventing Education: Entrepreneurship in America's Public Schools. Mr. Gerstner received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering from Dartmouth College and earned an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.

Ms. Rhoda Karpatkin, of New York, New York, celebrates 25 years as President of Consumers Union of United States, Inc. Under her leadership, Consumers Union has launched several publications including, Consumers Reports, Zillions of Kids, Consumers Reports Travel Letter, and Consumers Reports on Health. Ms. Karpatkin is also responsible for establishing Consumers Union's National Testing and Research Center for auto and product testing which contributes to greater product information for consumers. Her international efforts include serving two terms as President of Consumers International, now holding the position of Honorary Secretary, and being active in international human rights organizations. Ms. Karpatkin is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Yale Law School.

Mr. Robert Shapiro of Washington D.C., is the Chairman, President, and CEO of Monsanto Company, and has served in this capacity since 1995. Since 1979, Mr. Shapiro has held several positions within what is now Monsanto subsidiary, Searle, then moved into senior positions within Monsanto once it acquired Searle in 1985. In addition to his private sector background, Mr. Shapiro has taught law at Northern University in Boston and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and been a public servant at the U.S. Department of Transportation. Among the boards on which Mr. Shapiro sits are Citicorp, Silicon Graphics, U.S.-Japan Business Council, Rands Institute for Civil Justice, the Worcester Foundation for Medical Research, and Tufts University's Board of Overseers to the School of Nutrition. Mr. Shapiro earned his J.D. at Columbia University School of Law.

The Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations (ACTPN) provides overall policy and advice on matters concerning objectives and bargaining positions before entering into a trade agreement and other matters arising in connection with U. S. Trade policy. ACTPN is broadly representative of key sectors and groups of the economy, particularly with respect to those groups which are affected by trade.