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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release June 3, 1999


The agreement reached by US and Canadian negotiators on Pacific salmon is welcome news for the environment and for the economy in both our countries.

The long history of conflict over Pacific salmon illustrates that environmental challenges respect no borders. Today's agreement demonstrates that, by reaching across borders and working together, we can meet our common challenges in ways that ensure both a healthy environment and strong, sustainable economic growth.

Salmon are part of the very fabric of the Pacific Northwest, and President Clinton and I are committed to ensuring that they not only survive but thrive once again. Today's agreement is absolutely integral to our long-term strategy to bring the salmon back. In addition, we have major efforts under way to restore salmon in the Columbia and Snake Rivers, and are proposing a $100 million fund to support state and local efforts to rebuild vital habitat along the coast.

I commend our negotiators, our partners in Canada, the Governors of Washington, Alaska, and Oregon, and tribal leaders for their extraordinary commitment and collaboration that made today's agreement possible. Thanks to their efforts, salmon will flourish on both sides of our border for generations to come.