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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release May 24, 1999


Democracy in Georgia

The Georgian government has announced the arrest of several individuals who were engaged in plotting "serious crimes against the state." Those detained allegedly conspired to carry out one or more assassinations and to overthrow the Georgian government. Georgia's democratic institutions have once again shown their ability to overcome such challenges. The United States is watching these developments with great concern, and condemns any effort to change the democratically-elected government by unconstitutional means.

In the years since it gained its independence, Georgia has established a clear record as a leader in democratic development and economic reform. The people of Georgia chose their President, Eduard Shevardnadze, through the democratic process. President Shevardnadze has won the respect of the international community for his efforts to strengthen the security and prosperity of his country. Under his leadership, Georgia has contributed to greater security and stability in the Caucasus region.

The United States expresses its support for the democraticallyelected Government of Georgia and calls on all nations to do the same.

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