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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 19, 1999
                     TOTAL FUNDING:  $6.049 Billion

                             April 19, 1999

Defense Department Funding = $5.458 billion DOD Military Funding = $5.123 billion; DOD Refugee Assistance Funding = $335 million

Military :

Key Elements of Military Funding:

Operations: $3.301 billion

Munitions: $698 million

Readiness and Munitions Contingency Reserve Fund: $850 million

Additional costs related to Iraq: $274 million

Refugee Assistance (DOD)

The Defense Department will also provide assistance to Kosovar refugees (see below.)

Refugee and Humanitarian Operations = $721 Million (including $335 million for DOD Refugee Assistance)

Elements of Humanitarian Funding:

Refugee Relief and Assistance (Department of Defense): $335 million

Refugee Relief and Assistance (Department of State/USAID:) $386 million

Additional Funding:

Securing Front Line States: $150 million. These funds will be available to provide urgent assistance for countries, (Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, and for Montenegro) whose citizens, economies and infrastructure, have been affected by the influx of refugees and by disruptions to commerce and transport caused by the conflict. Fund will also be used for the region's needs to provide for well-being, safety and return of Kosovo refugees once a settlement is reached.

Diplomatic Operations and Other Stabilization Efforts: $55 million

This package contains funding for enhanced security in US diplomatic facilities due to the conflict, and for previously incurred expenses. For example, funding will emergency temporary security personnel, and for facilities directly related to protecting personnel responding to the crisis. In addition, funds will provide for costs associated with the Kosovo Diplomatic Observer Mission, and the evacuation and shutdown of Belgrade and other posts. Funds will also cover police and justice programs, principally to provide independent police training.