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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release March 8, 1999
                    ON THE PASSING OF JOE DIMAGGIO

Tipper and I were very saddened today to learn of the death of Joe DiMaggio. In this century, there have been three baseball players who transcended their sport to become part of American legend. Where Babe Ruth was known for his power, and Jackie Robinson was known for his courage, Joe DiMaggio was known for his dignity and grace.

The legend of Joe DiMaggio isn't just about the player he was on the field -- leading the Yankees to 10 World Series and winning three MVP awards -- but for the man he was off the field. He spent what could have been the best three years of his athletic life fighting for his country -- our country -- in World War II.

In truth, Joe DiMaggio's famous hitting streak may have lasted 56 games, but for most Americans, his memory will last forever because we know that we will never see another one like him.