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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 2, 1999


Three years ago, we set out to preserve California's Headwaters Forest, the world's largest unprotected stand of old-growth redwoods. Late yesterday, we achieved our goal. We completed an agreement with the Pacific Lumber Company to put the Headwaters Forest in public hands and ensure that it will never be logged.

These redwoods are a natural treasure, as much a part of our legacy as the world's great libraries and cathedrals. Thanks to the tireless efforts of federal and state negotiators, future generations will know the majesty and awe of Headwaters. This ancient forest, and the web of life it sustains, are now saved for all time.

I thank Senator Feinstein and Governor Davis for their critical help in achieving this historic agreement. And I am truly grateful that we are able to bestow this priceless gift on generations yet to come.


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