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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 19, 1999


President Clinton asked the Congress today to give immediate attention to his accelerated request for $300 million in economic and military assistance to help support King Abdullah and the Jordanian people. The President's request, which he sent formally to the Congress today, follows his return from King Hussein's funeral and his February 6 pledge to accelerate U.S. support for Jordan. That support was promised as part of the Wye River accords. Today's request also follows bipartisan consultations with the Congress.

America has a fundamental national interest in helping Jordan. For years, Jordan has stood by us as a strong and courageous partner for peace. The United States is leading a broad international effort to support Jordan, which includes efforts by the Gulf countries and our G-7 and European Union partners. Prompt U.S. financial support for Jordan's economic and military requirements is essential to help Jordan and to help maintain U.S. diplomatic leadership in the Middle East.

The request revises the President's FY 2000 Budget by urging early enactment of supplemental and advanced appropriations for Jordan in support of the Wye River memorandum. The requested funding would support Jordan's structural economic reform program and water resources development needs, as well as key readiness and modernization requirements of the Jordanian military.