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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 15, 1999


                        STATEMENT BY GREGORY CRAIG
                     Special Counsel to the President

                               Capitol Hill

     I think two things truly stood out in today's presentation by the

House Republican prosecutors: First they returned again and again to the President's deposition in the Jones case -- despite the fact that a bipartisan majority of the House of Representatives considered and specifically rejected an Article of Impeachment based on that case.

And second, the House Republicans prosecutors demanded again and again that they be allowed to delay the trial by parading witnesses on the floor of the Senate -- despite the fact that the bipartisan, unanimous decision of the Senate was to defer the question of witnesses until the case has been presented in full by both sides, and despite the fact that there havealready been more than a hundred witnesses: interviewed by the FBI, interrogated by the Office of Independent Counsel, questioned by the Grand Jury under oath over the course of a full year's investigation.

The House Republican Managers are desperately seeking to expand and extend this proceeding for one reason: they do not have a case based on the facts, the law, the Constitution, or the voluminous record, for overturning the election and removing the President of the United States.