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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 11, 1999
                        REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT 
                      AT CONCLUSION OF STATE DINNER

                             The East Room

10:50 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT CLINTON: Well, we want to say, first of all, thank you to our wonderful musicians, our magnificent dancers. I will never look at you again in quite the same way, Robert. (Laughter and applause.)

We are very grateful to you and I hope, Mr. President, you feel a little more at home. Thank you, again.

PRESIDENT MENEM: I thank you very much. It really has been a wonderful performance. And I want you to know that, as it is said in tango, I was made out of tango. Since I was a child I walked along the streets of Buenos Aires and all along my life I have been able to meet great musicians, great dancers, great tango singers. And I want you to know that I have enjoyed your performance tonight and that I hope that God will bless you and I thank you again. (Applause.)

END 10:52 P.M. EST