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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release November 20, 1998

               Event Marks the Sixth Meeting of His Welfare 
                   to Work Coalition to Sustain Success

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Vice President Gore announced today the awarding of over $273 million for 75 federal Welfare-to-Work Competitive grants to fund innovative local projects helping people move from welfare to work and retain good jobs.

The projects -- run by local governments as well as business, labor, educational, and other groups -- will address the need for jobs, child care, transportation, basic skills, and English proficiency as well as substance abuse and mental health issues that some individuals face as they move from welfare to work. The grants, which come from $3 billion in Welfare-to-Work funds that the President won in the 1997 Balanced Budget Act, will go to communities in 44 states, with 61 percent for urban areas, 15 percent for rural areas, and 24 percent for areas that include both urban and rural communities.

"I congratulate these communities for helping welfare recipients across this country move off welfare into good jobs -- this is civic commitment at its best," Vice President Gore said.

"For our country to continue to prosper," he added, "we must continue to work with our communities to help our long-term welfare recipients break the cycle of dependency and become productive workers, creating a brighter future for themselves and their families," Gore said at a town hall meeting where he was joined by Labor Secretary Alexis Herman, Health and Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala, employers, former welfare recipients, grant recipients, and members of the Vice President's Welfare to Work Coalition to Sustain Success -- a broad-based group of non-profit, faith-based, and civic organizations helping families move from welfare to work through mentoring and other critical support services.

Today's town hall meeting marked the Vice President's sixth event with his Welfare-to-Work Coalition to Sustain Success, which he launched in May 1997 to help those moving from welfare to work succeed on the job. Members include the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Baptist Joint Committee, Goodwill, Salvation Army, the United Way, the YMCA, the YWCA, Women's Missionary Union and Women in Community Service.

With the President leading efforts to reform welfare, caseloads have fallen dramatically and are at their lowest level in 29 years. To build on this success, the President and Vice President have led a multi-faceted effort that includes participation by the private, non-profit, and religious communities and the federal government.

The Vice President, for instance, is working with Cabinet secretaries to ensure that the federal government hires at least 10,000 former welfare recipients; the government is 80 percent of the way toward reaching its goal.


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                      Welfare-to-Work Competitive Grants 
                        Round Two Awardees - By State

ALABAMA Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL Dr. Ernest McNealey (205) 366-8808
Proposed Award Amount: $3,723,620

ALASKA Nine Star Enterprises, Inc., Anchorage, AK David Alexander (907) 279-7827
Proposed Award Amount: $1,279,499

ARIZONA Pima County Community Services, Tucson, AZ Charles Casey (520) 740-5205
Proposed Award Amount: $3,180,776

CALIFORNIA City of Long Beach Department of Community Development, Long Beach, CA
Ray Worden (562) 570-3811
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

Goodwill Industries of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Margaret O'Brien (213)-223-1211 ext. 105 Proposed Award Amount: $4,098,265

Beyond Shelter, Los Angeles, CA
Tanya Tull (213) 252-0772
Proposed Award Amount: $1,199,700

African American Unity Center, Los Angeles, CA Curtis Owens (213) 789-7300
Proposed Award Amount: $1,357,885

Catholic Charities of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA Rev. Monsignor Gregory A. Cox (213) 251-3400 Proposed Award Amount: $3,037,423

Jobs for Homeless Consortium, Oakland, CA Michael Daniels (510) 251-6241
Proposed Award Amount: $1,365,336

San Diego Workforce Partnership, Inc., San Diego, CA Lawrence G. Fitch (619) 238-1445
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

County of Tulare Private Industry Council, Inc., Visalia, CA Kathy Johnson (209) 737-4246
Proposed Award Amount: $3,824,201

COLORADO United Cerebral Palsy of Colorado, Denver, CO Judy Ham (303) 691-9339
Proposed Award Amount: $1,321,825

City and County of Denver, Denver, CO
Sue Boyd (303) 376-6730
Proposed Grant Amount: $3,598,915

CONNECTICUT Community Action Agency of New Haven, Inc., New Haven, CT Marcial Cuevas (203) 387-7700
Proposed Award Amount: $2,923,000

The Access Agency, Inc., Willimantic, CT Ingrid Walker (860) 450-7446
Proposed Award Amount: $1,000,750

DISTRICT of COLUMBIA Washington Alliance, Washington, DC Henry A. Burnett (202) 526-8755
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

FLORIDA Goodwill Industries of North Florida, Inc., Jacksonville, FL Robert Thayer (904) 384-1361
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

Miami-Dade County, Miami, FL
Sergio Gonzalez (305) 375-2041
Proposed Award Amount: $4,470,000

Latin Chamber of Commerce of USA, Miami, FL Anselmo Alliegro (305) 374-8236
Proposed Award Amount: $2,100,000

GEORGIA DeKalb Economic Opportunity Authority, Inc., Decatur, GA Lois J. Burns (404) 292-2166
Proposed Award Amount:$2,224,375

City of Savannah, Savannah, GA
Freda Rutherford (912) 651-4280
Proposed Award Amount: $4,067,000

HAWAII Hawaii County Economic Opportunity Council, Hilo, HI George Yokoyama (808) 961-2681
Proposed Award Amount: $4,200,000

ILLINOIS Chicago Housing Authority,Chicago, IL Denise Eligan (312) 674-4405 ext. 10
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

Community and Economic Development Association of Cook County, Inc., Chicago, IL
Patricia Doherty-Wildner (312) 795-8884 Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

INDIANA City of Gary, Department of Health & Human Services, Gary, IN Jewell M. Ross-Brown (219) 881-5724
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

IOWA Labor Institute for Workforce Development, Des Moines, IA Twila M. Glenn (515) 253-2626
Proposed Award Amount: $2,118,235

KANSAS City of Topeka, Topeka, KS
Joan Wagnon (785) 368-3895
Proposed Award Amount: $1,999,917

KENTUCKY Community Action Council, Lexington, KY Mark B. Hundley (606) 244-2211
Proposed Award Amount: $2,833,736

LOUISIANA City of New Orleans, New Orleans, LA Thelma H. French (504) 565-6414
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

MAINE Workforce Development Centers, Augusta, ME Stephen R. Duval (207) 287-3378
Proposed Award Amount: $3,212,516

MARYLAND The Baltimore City Office of Employment Development, Baltimore, MD
Linda A. Harris (410) 396-1910
Proposed Award Amount: $3,330,199

Prince Georges Private Industry Council, Landover, MD Joseph Puhalla (301) 386-5522
Proposed Award Amount: $4,976,254

MASSACHUSETTS Boston Technology Venture Center, Inc., Boston, MA Mark Ferri (617) 424-3888
Proposed Award Amount: $1,139,388

Action for Boston Community Development Inc., Boston, MA Mark Isenburg (617) 357-6000 x219
Proposed Award Amount: $1,139,388

MICHIGAN (Detriot will be served by the Marriot International Multisite Project - see below)

MINNESOTA City of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN Chip Wells (612) 673-2630
Proposed Award Amount: $1,860,000

Rise Incorporated, Spring Lake Park, MN John J. Barrett (612) 783-2812
Proposed Award Amount: $3,099,779

MISSISSIPPI Hinds County, Jackson, MS
Dr. Roy DeBerry (601) 968-6501
Proposed Award Amount: $3,294,191

MISSOURI Advent Enterprises, Inc., Columbia, MO Russell Doumas (573) 474-8560
Proposed Award Amount: $3,435,301

Full Employment Council, Inc., Kansas City, MO Clyde McQueen (816) 471-2330 ext. 256
Proposed Award Amount: $4,420,558

MONTANA S & K Holding Company, Inc., Polson, MT Joe Durglo (406) 883-4317
Proposed Award Amount: $2,542,700

NEVADA (Las Vegas will be served by the Marriot International Multisite Project - see below)

NEW HAMPSHIRE Southwestern Community Services, Inc., Keene, NH William A. Marcello (603) 357-6510
Proposed Award Amount: $1,000,000

NEW JERSEY Mercer County Office of Training & Employment, Trenton, NJ Virgen Velez (609) 989-6824
Proposed Award Amount: $4,219,582

County of Essex, Newark, NJ
Stephen Cornman (973) 621-4740
Proposed Award Amount: $4,900,000

NEW MEXICO Santa Fe SER-Jobs for Progress, Inc., Santa Fe, NM Alex A. Martinez (505)-473-0428
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

NEW YORK New York City Partnership & Chamber of Commerce, New York, NY Sandra K. Mancini (212) 493-7442
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

City of New York Human Resources Administration, New York, NY Jason A. Turner (212) 274-2664
Proposed Award Amount: $2,934,705

Wildcat Service Corporation, New York, NY Jeffrey Jablow (212) 219-9700 x5151
Proposed Award Amount: $2,007,017

Buffalo & Erie Private Industry Council, Buffalo, NY Marie Kaczmarek (716) 885-9840
Proposed Award Amount: $4,917,903

NORTH CAROLINA UDI Community Development Corporation, Durham, NC R. Edward Stewart (919) 544-4597
Proposed Award Amount: $3,728,134

Bennett College, Greensboro, NC
Jean Humphrey (336) 370-8659
Proposed Grant Amount: $5,000,000

OKLAHOMA Eastern Workforce Development Board, Inc., Muskogee, OK Luther R. Sowder (918) 683-8553
Proposed Award Amount: $2,848,115

OHIO Private Industry Council of Columbus and Franklin County, Inc., Columbus, OH
Frankie L. Coleman (614) 228-3907
Proposed Award Amount: $4,997,630

Columbus Urban League, Columbus, OH
Sandra Cephas (614) 257-6300 ext. 120
Proposed Award Amount: $3,149,984

OREGON (State will be served by the Johns Hopkins University and The Enterprise Foundation Multisite Projects)

PENNSYLVANIA District 1199C Training and Upgrading Fund of the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employers, Philadelphia, PA James T. Ryan (215) 735-5555
Proposed Award Amount: $4,449,928

PUERTO RICO Centro de Capacitacion y Asesoramiento, Caguas, PR Elier J. Rodriguez (787) 745-4430
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

RHODE ISLAND Providence/Cranston Private Industry Council, Providence, RI
Richard Andrade (410) 861-0800
Proposed Award Amount: $3,859,284

SOUTH DAKOTA Oglala Lakota College, Kyle, SD 57752-0490 Thomas Shortbull (605) 455-2321
Proposed Award Amount: $2,293,326

TENNESSEE Tennessee Urban League Affiliates, Chattanooga, TN Warren E. Logan (423) 756-1762
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

Nashville/Davidson County Private Industry Council, Nashville, TN Bill Tharp (615) 880-2492
Proposed Award Amount: $4,016,694

TEXAS Dallas County Local Workforce Development Board, Dallas, TX Laurie Bouillion Larrea (214) 290-1000 Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

Tarrant County Workforce Development Board, Fort Worth, TX Jann Miles (817) 531-6755
Proposed Award Amount: $3,254,864

County of Webb, Laredo, TX
Juan Vargas (956) 718-8602
Proposed Award Amount: $1,000,000

UTAH Five County Association of Governments, St. George, UT John S. Williams (435) 673-3548
Proposed Award Amount: $3,000,000

VERMONT Central Vermont Community Action Council, Barre, VT Hal Cohen (802) 479-1053
Proposed Award Amount: $3,120,140

VIRGINIA Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority, Arlington, VA Dr. Beverly Howard (703) 549-7115 ext. 215 Proposed Award Amount: $1,090,000

Richmond Private Industry Council, Richmond, VA Charles G. Tetro (207) 469-6385
Proposed Award Amount: $4,993,775

WASHINGTON Washington State Labor Council (AFL - CIO), Seattle, WA Raymond E. Mason (206) 281-8901
Proposed Award Amount: $4,619,684

Seattle-King County Private Industry Council, Seattle, WA Alfred L. Starr (206) 448-0474
Proposed Award Amount: $5,000,000

WEST VIRGINIA Human Resources Development Foundation, Morgantown, WV Homer R. Kincaid (304) 296-8223
Proposed Award Amount: $4,934,876

MULTI-STATE PROJECTS Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore City, MD Dr. Arnold H. Packer (410) 516-4556
Proposed Award Amount: $4,996,535
Serving: MD, IL, ME, IA, CT, CA, OR, RI, FL, AZ.

The America Works Partnership, Washington, DC Edward J. Gorman III (202) 639-8811
Proposed Award Amount: $7,872,505
Serving: CA, NJ, FL, AK, & IN.

The Enterprise Foundation, Columbia, MD Patrick Jackson (410) 772-2751
Proposed Award Amount: $8,000,000
Serving: MD, CO, TX, MO, DC, and OR.

International Association of Jewish Vocational Services, Philadelphia, PA
Arlene D. Cohen (215) 854-0235
Proposed Award Amount: $4,204,777
Serving: MN, NJ, PA & two sites in MA.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, San Antonio, TX Antonio Flores (210) 692-3805
Proposed Award Amount: $4,321,269
Serving: AZ, CA, TX.

Marriott International Community Employment & Training Programs, Washington, DC
Fred Kramer (301) 380-8583
Proposed Award Amount: $3,536,250
Serving: Multisite in serving 20 cities in CA, CO,

FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, MD, MI, MO, NV, NC, OH, PA, TX, and VA.