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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release November 16, 1998

Washington, DC -- Vice President Gore today announced a major initiative to broaden the commitment to recycling in all sectors of the economy.

"Americans across the country are increasingly concerned about the impacts that more landfills and waste hauling will have on their communities in the future," the Vice President said. "This means that recycling is everybody's business."

"Working together, Americans have increased recycling by nearly 70 percent in six years," Vice President Gore said. "Today, there is even more that we can do. I am challenging everyone in our communities and all sectors of the economy to join with us in new partnerships to promote recycling and to buy and use recycled products."

This initiative, the National Recycling Challenge, was announced as part of America Recycles Day on November 15. Through this challenge, the Clinton Administration will work with industry, businesses, universities, and other institutions to strengthen their commitment to a national recycling effort.

Vice President Gore was the Honorary Chair of this day's events, and the new initiative furthers an executive order that President Clinton issued this past September, directing Federal agencies to strengthen and expand their recycling efforts.

Federal agencies will be among the first to meet the challenge with new commitments to the purchase of recycled products. The Departments of Interior and Justice, for example, announced today that their entire vehicle fleets will now use only re-refined oil, reducing demands for oil as well as greenhouse gas emissions generated in the refining process.

"I challenge every American to step forward and contribute to this important national effort," Vice President Gore said. "By bringing new partners to the recycling efforts of businesses and families across the Nation, we will better protect our natural resources, improve our quality of life, and strengthen our economy."