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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 26, 1998


I want to congratulate Presidents Mahuad of Ecuador and Fujimori of Peru on the historic signing today in Brasilia of a border settlement agreement between Ecuador and Peru. This signing marks the end of the last and longest-running source of armed international conflict in the Western Hemisphere.

I am proud of the role the United States has played, alongside the other Guarantors, Brazil, Argentina and Chile, in bringing about the settlement. Mack McLarty, my former Special Envoy for the Americas, and Ambassador Luigi Einaudi, our Special Envoy for the Ecuador/Peru Process, have worked tirelessly over the past three years in cooperation with the parties and the other Guarantors to bring about this historic peace settlement. On October 9, I met with Presidents Mahuad and Fujimori at the White House to accept their joint request for the four Guarantors of the Rio Protocol to help them reach a final settlement.

U.S. military personnel, along with those of Brazil, Argentina and Chile have also made a vital contribution in manning the international observation force, which has monitored the cease-fire and helped maintain peace in the disputed area.