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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release October 23, 1998
                     ON NATIONAL Y2K ACTION WEEK

I am calling on America's businesses today to take what they learned during this week's "National Y2K Action Week" and mount aggressive efforts to prepare their computers and embedded systems for the Year 2000 date change.

This week, Federal agencies have given businesses information to help them overcome the year 2000 (Y2K) computer problem. Working with the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion, the Small Business Administration, the Commerce Department, and other agencies have held hundreds of educational and outreach events to help managers of small and medium-sized businesses meet this enormous challenge. Ads about National Y2K Action Week ran in over 250 major newspapers and, with help from the United States Postal Service, promotional materials appeared in post offices across the country.

Progress on the Y2K problem among businesses is not uniform. For those getting a late start, access to technical information on experiences and solutions will be critical. The legislation that President Clinton signed Monday, which provides legal protections for information sharing, will help many smaller organizations that are just beginning their Y2K work. The President and I urge trade associations and umbrella organizations to collect such information from their members and provide it to others through websites and other means devoted to discussing Y2K experiences and solutions.

I congratulate the President's Council, the Small Business Administration, the Commerce Department, and the other agencies that have played pivotal roles in this week's events, as well as the more than 160 national organizations representing industries, professions, government, and non-profits that worked this week to promote Y2K action.

While substantial public- and private-sector efforts are underway to address the Y2K problem, much work remains. I urge businesses and governments to carry forward the spirit of National Y2K Action Week so that they will be ready for the year 2000.