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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 9, 1998


President Clinton Will Attend APEC Summit

President Clinton will travel to Guam, Malaysia, Japan and Korea from November 13-22 to attend the annual Asia Pacific Economic Conference and consult with two of the United States' closest allies in the region on the global economic situation, regional security and other bilateral issues.

En route to Malaysia, President Clinton will make a stop in Guam. He then attends the APEC meeting in Kuala Lumpur along with 22 other member leaders.

Following the APEC Summit, the President travels to Japan for meetings with Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi and then moves on to Korea for meetings with President Kim Dae Jung. In Japan, we will discuss our security alliance and interests, our trade and investment ties, the region's economic difficulties, and our efforts to combat transnational threats such as proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and environmental pollution. The President will visit the Republic of Korea to consult on policy towards North Korea and regional security and to discuss Korea's economic recovery. The President is scheduled to return to Washington around November 22.