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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release October 5, 1998
                       PRESIDENT CLINTON NAMES 
                     FOR THE INSTITUTE OF PEACE

The President today announced his intent to nominate Stephen Hadley and Zalmay Khalilzad as members of the Board of Directors of the United States Institute of Peace.

Mr. Stephen Hadley, of Washington, D.C., is currently a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm of Shea & Gardner. From June 1989 until January 1993, Mr Hadley served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, and a principal advisor to Secretary of Defense Richard Cheney on U.S. defense policy and arms control. He was the Secretary of Defense's personal representative on the U.S. delegation led by the Secretary of State in arms control and security talks with representatives of Russia, Ukraine and other Soviet successor states. Mr. Hadley served as a member of the National Security Council under President Ford and served in the U.S. Navy.

Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad, of North Potomac, Maryland, is presently the Director for Strategy and Doctrine Program of RAND's Project AIR FORCE. Previously he was the Director of RAND's Greater Middle East Studies Center, and Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Planning from January 1991 through December 1992. As the Assistant Deputy Under Secretary, Mr. Khalilzad helped shape the Bush Administration's regional defense strategy for the post-cold war era which earned him the Defense Department's Medal for Outstanding Public Service. As an academic, he has held appointments at Columbia University, where he was a member of the Institute for War and Peace Studies, and at the University of California at San Diego.

The United States Institute of Peace is a bi-partisan board established in 1948 by an Act of Congress to promote international peace and the resolution of international conflict without violence through education, training, research, and public information.