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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 2, 1998

President Clinton Meets With Duma And Regional Leaders

                              Spaso House
                             Moscow, Russia

                            September 2, 1998

Aleksandr Lebed is Governor of Krasnoyarsk Kray and one of the leading contenders in the 2000 presidential election. Lebed is a retired paratrooper general who served in Afghanistan and many of the conflict zones of the former Soviet Union, mostly notably Moldova's Transniester region. Born 1950.

Yuriy Luzhkov is Mayor of the City of Moscow and is among the top prospective presidential contenders in 2000. Luzhkov was appointed Mayor of Moscow in 1992 by Yeltsin, he has since been popularly elected twice. Luzhkov is responsible for Moscow's impressive city services; he frequently champions nationalist themes. Born 1936.

Gennadiy Zyuganov is Communist Party faction leader in the State Duma. Zyuganov is credited for resurrecting the Communist Party after the CPSU was banned following the collapse of the Soviet Union. A strong critic of both the West and the Russian government, he has been known to compromise behind the scenes and can assume a very moderate, almost pro-business and pro-reform persona when speaking privately. Born 1944.

Yegor Stroyev is Chairman of the Federation Council and Governor of Orel Oblast. Stroyev, a former Politburo member is known as a consensus-builder. He holds the most senior position in the Federation Council.

Vladimir Ryzhkov is First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma and leader of the "Our Home is Russia" faction. Ryzhkov is a promising young politician with reformist credentials and a strong supporter of former Prime Minister Chernomyrdin. Born 1966.

Grigoriy Yavlinskiy is Yabloko Party faction leader. Yavlinskiy is a liberal "social-democrat" and perennial presidential aspirant. His party's main support is among Russia's "intelligentsia." Born 1952.

Roman Popkovich is Chairman of the Committee on Defense. Became committee chairman in May and is deputy faction leader of "Our Home is Russia." A retired general, Popkovich is a supporter of START II ratification and Russian cooperation with NATO. Born 1937.

Vladimir Lukin is Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Lukin, former Russian Ambassador to the U.S., is acquainted with U.S. congressional leaders and most key aspects of bilateral relations. He serves as deputy Chairman of the Yabloko Party. Born 1937.

Mikhail Prusak is Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Governor of Novgorod Oblast. Prusak is credited for turning Novgorod Oblast into one of the most attractive regions to foreign investment in Russia. Born 1960.

Dimitriy Ayatskov is Governor of Sarata Oblast in Southern Russia. Ayatskov is a hands-on manager who has championed progressive policies in his region. He instituted the country's first privatization of land, even though there is no legislation on the books.

Konstantin Titov is Governor of Samara Oblast. Titov is (often mentioned as a possible future prime minister.) His oblast was selected as the most recent target of our Regional Investment Initiative program, and he hosted the visit of VP Gore and PM Chernomyrdin for the September 1997 GCC. Born 1944.

Minitimer Shaimiyev is President of the Republic of Tatevstan, a semi-autonomous region. Shaimiyev is the de facto leader of Russia's ethnic regions and was a major force for peace during the Chechen war. His region is particularly rich in energy resources (oil and gas).

Anatoliy Yefremov is the Governor of Arkhangelsk Oblast. Yerfremov's oblast is home to large oil deposits and considerable American investment. He is an automotive manufacturing engineer by training. Born 1952.

Aleksandr Shokhin is "Our Home is Russia's" Duma faction leader. A former deputy prime minister with a strong background in economics and finance, Shokhin is Chernomyrdin's point-man on confirmation. Born 1951.