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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 23, 1998


I am pleased that the House of Representatives, in a bipartisan fashion, today rejected an unwise and unwarranted attempt to deny the American people the facts about global warming.

With much of the country suffering a stifling heat wave, and with each month so far this year setting a new record for global temperature, the American people expect and deserve a fair, honest and informed debate on the issue of climate change. Some in Congress would have stifled that debate by effectively imposing a gag order on federal agencies. Thankfully, the House voted to remove this language from the VA-HUD Appropriations bill.

Unfortunately, the bill still contains other provisions that would restrict our ability to move forward with cost-effective steps to reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. And appropriations bills moving through Congress would cut by nearly one half my proposed research and tax incentives for energy efficiency and clean energy technologies -- measures that would reduce energy costs for American families while curbing greenhouse gases.

Americans have demonstrated time and again that we can protect our environment while growing our economy. We can and must meet the challenge of climate change in the same way. I urge Congress to join us in this critical endeavor.