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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                  (Xian, People's Republic of China)
For Immediate Release                                      June 25, 1998


I would like to applaud the announcement today of a new partnership to help meet the challenge of global warming by making it easier for homeowners to tap clean energy from the sun.

Last June, I announced an initiative with the goal of placing solar energy panels on one million roofs around the nation by 2010. Just a year later, the Department of Energy already has received commitments for more than half a million installations. This new partnership between the General Motors Acceptance Corporation and the Solar Energy Industries Association will make low-cost loans for solar energy systems available nationwide, helping us to meet our goal even faster.

This agreement demonstrates that through partnerships and the power of the marketplace, we can reduce greenhouse gas pollution while saving consumers money and creating new economic opportunities. I encourage other businesses to seek creative ways to meet the challenge of climate change. And I urge Congress to help speed this effort by funding my proposals for a solar energy tax credit and other tax and research incentives for energy efficiency and clean power.