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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                   (En Route Andrews AFB, Maryland)
For Immediate Release                                      June 14, 1998


                         Ethiopia and Eritrea:
                 Agreement to Moratorium on Air Strikes

In response to a proposal by the United States, the governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia have agreed to halt immediately the further use of air strikes and the threat of air strikes in their present conflict. This moratorium will continue indefinitely or until such time as either party concludes that any prospect for a peace process has come to an end and provides formal, advance notice to the United States Government that it will no longer respect this moratorium.

The United States welcomes this commitment by Eritrea and Ethiopia, which can help restore the mutual confidence necessary to achieve a peaceful resolution of the conflict as quickly as possible. The maintenance of this moratorium will limit the risk to civilians as well as to the economic, commercial and social infrastructure in both countries.

The United States extends its thanks to the Government of Italy, whose diplomatic efforts have helped to secure this agreement by both parties to halt the use of air strikes and the threat of air strikes.