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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release May 28, 1998
                          VICE PRESIDENT GORE, 
                         TO SERVE THEIR NATION

             Over 2,000 Delegates from Minnesota Come Together
            To Improve the Lives of At-Risk Youth in Minnesota

Washington, DC -- Vice President Gore joined with General Colin Powell today to kick off the Minnesota Youth Statewide Summit -- an effort to improve the lives of at-risk youth in Minnesota and across America.

Following the President's Summit for America's Future last year, the statewide summit will bring together corporate and community leaders, youth representatives, not-for-profit organizations and institutions of faith to achieve the five goals that the President launched last year: (1) helping children develop an ongoing relationship with a caring adult; 2) providing safe and structured activities for non-school hours; 3) giving children a healthy start; 4) teaching children marketable skills through an effective education; and 5) providing children with opportunities to serve.

"Today, in America, more and more citizens are realizing that it is within our power to act," Vice President Gore said. "And across America, noon day is spreading a warm light of compassion and commitment, a new spirit of service in America."

"Whether tutoring children, mentoring teens, renovating housing, restoring public parks, responding to natural disasters, or caring for aging parents and grandparents, those who serve and volunteer are strengthening our families and communities for America's future," the Vice President added.

Today's summit, called the Minnesota Alliance with Youth -- Fulfilling America's Promise, featured workshops, interactive plays and skits, and a lively discussion based on the President's five goals.

Since the Volunteer Summit last year, America's Promise, led by General Colin Powell, has worked to ensure that promises made by corporations and nonprofits are being kept. Hundreds of states and localities have expanded the work they began at last years' summit.

In addition, President Clinton signed a memorandum asking all federal agencies to explore more ways to expand service opportunities for federal employees. In response, federal agencies have rededicated themselves to community service.

For instance:

The Environmental Protection Agency is deploying students and senior citizens to work together to protect our drinking water.

The Social Security Administration and the Departments of Treasury and Transportation have established partnerships with over 250 schools so that federal employees can offer tutoring, mentoring, and career education.

The Department of Health and Human Services is working with communities to prevent teen pregnancy.

The Department of Justice is joining forces with the Army and the Navy to teach kids about the dangers of drug abuse.

While in Minnesota, the Vice President also participated in an AmeriCoprs Service Event at the Brian Coyle Community Center (BCCC). AmeriCorps members serving at the BCCC run afterschool activities including: tutoring citizenship courses, running a food pantry, and arranging recreational programs.