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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release March 24, 1998
                       ON SENATE EDUCATION VOTE

I urge the Senate to reject Senator Coverdell's K-12 IRA plan which is regressive tax policy masquerading as sound education policy.

While the Clinton budget stands with America's parents by investing in our public schools and in our children, the Republican budget proposal shortchanges our nation's future by saying no to our schools and no to our children.

That is why the President and I have put forward a budget that calls for building and modernizing our public schools in order to provide our communities with smaller, smarter, cutting-edge classrooms and schools -- places where our teachers can focus on teaching and students can concentrate on learning.

The choice is clear. Senator Coverdell's plan which would give the average taxpayer with children in public schools a mere $7 a year in savings doesn't compare to our broad plan to build and modernize our public schools and prepare all of America's children for the 21st century.

There is nothing more important for America's future prosperity and strength than giving our children a world class education. I call on the Senate to vote no on the Coverdale plan and instead to support our plan to help public schools.