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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                         (Baltimore, Maryland)
For Immediate Release                                  February 19, 1998
                       REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT
                         IN PHOTO OPPORTUNITY 
                          Baltimore, Maryland

11:55 A.M. EST

Q Tell us, what does it mean?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, this water is from here. So they wanted to test the water to see if it could accommodate life. And you had to put this free agent in the water and then you shake it up and then you match it up with these colors here, to see which one it's like. So we put it in here and the color is most like this one -- 7.5 to 9; and then here's the chart. It's around neutral, this way it will accommodate life. If it's too acidic, obviously it won't. But if it gets way out here, it's too basic, it won't. So anywhere in this range, right, seven to 10 is okay. And you see the color here is like in between these two.

I learned all that from Brandon here, my science instructor. (Laughter.) My marine biology instructor here. You did a great job.

BRANDON: Any time.

THE PRESIDENT: And so did you, Aaron.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Aaron did a great job, too.

BRANDON: This was fun.

THE PRESIDENT: Was it fun for you?


THE PRESIDENT: It was fun for us, too. Thanks.

Q Mr. President, if you're grounding the Vice President, will you be skipping some of your trips over the next couple of weeks too?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: We're going to go do this event now and then we'll --

THE PRESIDENT: I didn't ground him. Don't get too carried away with the school metaphors here. I just asked him to stay around.

END 11:58 A.M.