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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 30, 1998


U.S. - Japan Civil Aviation Agreement

I am pleased that the United States has reached a landmark agreement with Japan that will dramatically increase air service between our countries. This agreement will expand a $10 billion market that services nearly 12 million passengers and carries well over 1 billion pounds of cargo each year. It will allow more U.S. cities to have direct service to Japan, and give U.S. airlines extensive new rights to fly into and beyond Japan. This increased competition means more choices for American business travelers and tourists alike.

Like our agreements on telecommunications and financial services, this aviation agreement reflects my policy of opening the world's markets in areas where American companies are most competitive. In aviation alone, we have already concluded far-reaching agreements with Germany, Canada, and twenty other nations. Along with today's agreement, these pacts are moving international aviation into a twenty-first century where consumer needs, not governments, will determine where and how often passenger and cargo planes travel.

I want to thank Secretaries Albright and Slater, and the negotiators at the Departments of State and Transportation for their sustained efforts in reaching this historic agreement.

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