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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 22, 1998


President Clinton Welcomes Signing of Ecuador-Peru Accord

President Clinton welcomes the signing by Ecuador and Peru of their agreement charting the path to a definitive resolution of their long-standing border dispute by May 30.

Ecuador and Peru have agreed to an ambitious but achievable timetable leading to a final solution of the dispute, which sparked hostilities between them just three years ago.

President Clinton applauded the efforts of President Alarcon and President Fujimori to reach a resolution of this dispute through dialogue and to avoid any type of military provocation. He also expressed appreciation for the work of the Government of Brazil, which is acting as a host for the talks, and for the contribution of Argentina and Chile, the other two Guarantors. A definitive settlement will foster a new era of peaceful development for the people of Ecuador and Peru and provide a stimulus to the ongoing process of hemispheric integration.

As one of the four Guarantors of the Protocol of Peace, Friendship and Boundaries of Rio de Janeiro of 1942, the United States urges the parties to continue building on the positive momentum that led to the agreement signed in Rio de Janeiro. We will support this final phase of talks for a comprehensive settlement and its implementation and look forward to welcoming the Border Integration Commission to Washington next month.

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