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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 14, 1998


Thousands of union men and women have been working hard to improve race relations in the workplace. Members of the AFL-CIO, in the tradition of A. Phillip Randolph, have continued to lead the fight against discrimination in the workplace and in society. Today, the Race Initiative Advisory Board meeting in Phoenix will hear worker and union member testimony highlighting these efforts.

I am very pleased that today, the AFL-CIO has announced two initiatives to redouble its members' efforts against discrimination. I applaud their decision to take on this challenge by supporting these initiatives to help further the dialogue and learning from today's Race Initiative Advisory Board meeting in Phoenix.

The AFL-CIO's leadership in sponsoring workplace forums on race will provide additional venues for thoughtful dialogue and education for workers, managers and employers. I encourage members of the Advisory Board to participate with Board Member Linda Chavez-Thompson and the AFL-CIO in these forums.

Additionally, the AFL-CIO's decision to produce a workplace guide to improve race relations will be key to moving dialogue and learning into action. This practical step will help workers and employers throughout our nation implement best practices for addressing racial issues and job discrimination in the workplace.

I urge all businesses to join this effort to improve race relations in the workplace. It is efforts such as those announced in Phoenix today by Ms. Chavez-Thompson that will bring our nation closer to one America.