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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release January 8, 1998
                     NOW AIRED LIVE ON WTOP-AM/FM IN 
                             WASHINGTON, DC

WTOP-AM (1500) and WTOP-FM (94.3) in Washington carry President Clinton's weekly radio address to the nation every Saturday LIVE at 10:06 AM ET. The President uses this opportunity to keep the American people informed on current news events, the Administration's international and domestic agenda, and upcoming events.

"I am pleased that WTOP is carrying my weekly Saturday radio address," President Clinton said.

The address lasts for approximately five minutes. WTOP-AM/FM are the only radio stations in Washington to carry the weekly address live.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Office of the Press Secretary at The White House receives many calls from citizens throughout the District and surrounding areas who want to listen to the President's address. We encourage you to notify your readers of the coverage details for the radio address.

Also, a photograph from the address is often available each Saturday for your publication purposes through various photo services.