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Office Of The Vice President

For Immediate Release January 6, 1998


I applaud the Big Three auto makers for introducing a new generation of highly efficient cars that will meet the needs of America's families while also meeting the challenge of global warming. It shows that through ingenuity and innovation, American industry can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas pollution while strengthening our economy and creating new jobs.

These new cars, which are more than twice as fuel-efficient as today's models, show what can be accomplished when business and government work together. Many of the cutting-edge technologies these new cars employ were developed through the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles -- an historic collaboration between the federal government and the auto industry that the President and I launched our first year in office. I know that this and similar partnerships will produce even greater benefits for our economy, our environment, and our people.

I have always believed that we can clean up our environment -- and get other countries to do the same -- in a way that truly strengthens our economy. America must be the nation that builds and sells to the world the new products and technologies that reduce pollution -- an estimated $400 billion market worldwide. That is why we will propose new tax cuts for businesses and individuals that develop, buy, and use products that reduce pollution. And that is why this week's news from Detroit is so important.