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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 26, 1997
                      AS MEMBER OF THE UNITED STATES 
                        HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL COUNCIL

The President today announced his intent to appoint Ian Francis Hancock as a Member of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council.

Dr. Hancock, of Buda, Texas, is as a Professor at the University of Texas in the Departments of Linguistics, English and Asian Studies. Dr. Hancock is an Academic Affiliate of the Center for Russian, East European Studies and the Foreign Language Education Center. He has previously been a member of the following boards: The Soros-Roma Foundation, The Association for Advancement of Education for Democracy, The Anne Frank Institute, and Global Organization of People of Indian Origin. During 1985-1987, Dr. Hancock was Special Advisor on Gypsy-related Holocaust Affairs to Elie Wiesel at the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. He is the founder of the Romani-Jewish Alliance, Inc., and was the 1997 recipient of the Rafto Human Rights Prize.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Council was established in 1979 to provide for the annual commemoration and observance of the Days of Remembrance of the Holocaust, and to construct and operate a living memorial to its victims.