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                     Office of the Press Secretary
                        (St. Louis, Missouri)

For Immediate Release November 17, 1997


Representative Vic Fazio has been a strong leader for the American people, a strong advocate for his district, and a good friend to me and my administration. He has served with an unswerving devotion to the national interest. He has been a champion for the environment, for our national defense, for fiscal discipline, and for ensuring that changes in our defense structure after the Cold War take into consideration the interest of the communities, like his own Sacramento, that have supported our military. I especially appreciate the work he has done to make sure that America seizes the opportunities of trade and to make sure that the growing global economy benefits all Americans.

Vic Fazio has also been a tireless leader of the Democratic Party in Congress, and a tireless advocate of our Party's beliefs. On a personal note, I have greatly benefitted from his warmth, his idealism, and his honesty. On behalf of the nation, I thank him for his dedicated service.