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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release November 13, 1997


Earlier this year, President Clinton and I sent to Congress legislation that would ease the impact of last year's immigration law. Last night, Congress responded to our call to action and passed legislation to provide relief from deportation for Central American and other refugees. I commend Congress for doing the right thing.

I am still very concerned about several aspects of the bill. First, it does not treat all refugees equally, particularly those from Guatemala and El Salvador, and it does not provide any relief for Haitian immigrants. We will continue to work with Congress -- and explore all the administrative avenues we can -- to correct these inequities.

I am also pleased that Congress today approved legislation to allow individuals to remain with their families in the US while pursuing permanent residency. While the President and I fought very hard for a permanent extension of 245 (i), this legislation ensures that families remain together as individuals go through the immigration process.