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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release September 30, 1997


The Commission on Immigration Reform, chaired by the Honorable Shirley Hufstedler, and the late Barbara Jordan, issued its final report today. This report, which reiterates many of the excellent recommendations contained in the Commission's interim reports, further contributes to our country's understanding of the role of immigration in the United States. I commend the Commission's work and its contribution to the national dialogue on immigration policy.

America has always been a nation of immigrants, and I am proud of the significant progress my Administration has made toward improving America's immigration system. My Administration has curtailed illegal immigration through tougher border control, strengthened worksite enforcement, and the removal of record numbers of criminal and other illegal aliens. We have also worked to improve and tighten the naturalization process, and have made needed reforms to our asylum system for refugees fleeing persecution.

One of the Commission's recommendations is to restructure the immigration system by reallocating the main functions of the Immigration and Naturalization Service to other agencies. This proposal raises difficult and complex issues, which need further consideration. I have asked the Domestic Policy Council to coordinate with the affected federal agencies to evaluate carefully the Commission's proposal and other reform options designed to improve the executive branch's administration of the nation's immigration laws.

With this report, the Commission completes its work. I want to thank all of its members and staff for their service and contribution on these important issues.