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Office of the Vice President

For Immediate Release September 5, 1997


It was with great sadness that Tipper and I learned today of the death of Mother Teresa. Her example reminded us of the inherent goodness found in the quiet corners of the human heart. In her 87 years, Mother Teresa dedicated herself day-in and day-out to helping the most destitute and least fortunate among us.

Mother Teresa's selfless commitment to service was complete. She served the indigent and impoverished, irrespective of their color or creed. With kindness and compassion, Mother Teresa brought those in need the greatest gift of all -- the gift of hope.

Mother Teresa accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in the name of the "unwanted, unloved, and uncared for," and to them her name was whispered like a prayer. She always remembered those the rest of the world would have rather forgotten. She was irreplaceable and unique, and today we are all poorer for her having left us. But, with a faith matched only by her own, we know that today heaven is a better place.