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                        Office of the Press Secretary 
                     (Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts)
For Immediate Release                                September 2, 1997 
                        DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF THE 

President Clinton today announced his intent to nominate Jane G. Gould to serve as Deputy Commissioner of the Social Security Administration.

Jane G. Gould of New York, New York, has over two decades of extensive experience in aging, management, strategic planning and development. Ms. Gould is currently a consultant specializing in aging and long term care issues, organizational management, and communications. She served from 1988 to 1995 in the cabinet of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo as Director of the Office for the Aging, where she provided policy advice to the Governor on aging issues and oversight of New York systems of care for the elderly. She also served as Executive Deputy Director in the Office for the Aging from 1983 to 1988. In addition, Ms. Gould was Associate Executive Vice President of the Hebrew Home for the Aged at Riverdale in the Bronx, New York, from 1995 to 1996, where she was responsible for day-to-day management of the agency, expanded the Adult Day Health Program, and led a project team to build new housing for the elderly. She has served as the President of the National Association of State Units on Aging and as a Vice President of the National Council of Senior Citizens. She received a B.A. degree from Boston University and attended the Harvard University Kennedy School of Government program for state and local government executives.

The Social Security Administration manages the nation's largest social insurance program and administers the Supplemental Security Income program for the aged, blind and disabled. In 1996, approximately 144 million people made contributions to Social Security. At the end of 1996, 48 million received Social Security retirement, disability or survivors benefits or Supplemental Security Income benefits, about 1 in 5 Americans.