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Office of the First Lady

For Immediate Release August 1, 1997
                        First Lady Announces Changes 
                       in White House Social Secretary

Washington, DC -- First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton announced with regret today that Ann Stock will be leaving her position as White House Social Secretary and that Capricia Marshall will assume these duties. Stock, who has been Social Secretary since the beginning of the Clinton Administration's first term, will stay on in her post into September in order to allow for a smooth transition. In accepting Stock's resignation, Mrs. Clinton said, Ann has done a remarkable job as White House Social Secretary. The President and I could not have asked for a more creative, reliable and professional representative of the White House than Ann has been these last four and one half years. Ann's departure is a great loss to both the President and me personally and to the White House.

Marshall, who is a native of Cleveland, OH and a graduate of Purdue University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law, became Mrs. Clinton's executive assistant in January 1993 after working closely on the 1992 presidential campaign. In naming Marshall, the First Lady has chosen someone who knows well the inner workings of the White House. Over the past four years, Marshall has been involved in the day to day activities of the White House. Mrs. Clinton said about Marshall's appointment, I am thrilled that Capricia has agreed to take the position of White House Social Secretary. In making this decision, I wanted to insure continuity and confidence in the many social aspects of the White House. Capricia's knowledge and experience make her the ideal person to fill Ann's shoes.