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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 23, 1997
                        AS CHAIR AND MEMBER OF THE 

The President today announced his intent to appoint Cathryn Buford Slater to serve as Chair and Member of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

Cathryn Buford Slater, of Little Rock, Arkansas, has served since 1994 as Chair of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation. She has served as the State Historic Preservation Officer and Director of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program since 1988 where she has been a Board member to the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, a member of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Critical Issues Committee. Ms. Slater was the Special Assistant and Liaison for Natural and Cultural Resources in the Governor's office from 1984-1988. In addition, she was a lecturer in the English Department of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock from 1975-1993. She has also served as a Board member for the Shelter for Battered Women and the Little Rock Central High School Parent Teacher Student Association. Ms. Slater received a B.S.E. degree with honors and an M.A. degree with honors from the University of Arkansas. She has also taken special topic classes such as Strategic Leadership for Key State Executives, Introduction to Federal Projects and Historic Preservation Law, and Effective Negotiation for State Executives from Duke University.

The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is the only federal agency created solely to address historic preservation issues. The Council is responsible for advising the President and Congress on matters relating to historic preservation and recommending measures to coordinate historic preservation activities. The Council reviews and makes recommendations regarding the historic preservation policies and programs of federal agencies. In addition, the Council encourages public interest and training in historic preservation as well as advises the state and local governments in drafting legislation relating to historic preservation.