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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release July 1, 1997

Statement by the Press Secretary

President Clinton announced today that he is appointing Paul Begala as Assistant to the President and Counselor to the President, a role he will assume in August. Begala will work on a wide range of issues, including strategy and communications.

Begala is most recently a Senior Vice President of Public Strategies, Inc., and a lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin. Before that, he was a partner in the political strategy firm of Carville & Begala. His consulting experience includes serving as a senior strategist for Clinton-Gore '92, the 1994 re-election victory of Governor Zell Miller, the '88 re-election of Senator Frank Lautenberg, the '86 election of Governor Bob Casey, and as campaign manager for the 1991 victory of Senator Harris Wofford.

Begala earned his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Texas, where he was student body president. He and his wife Diane have two sons, John Paul and William Travis.