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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 19, 1997


President Receives Winners of President's Prize

Today, the President welcomed to the White House two teachers from Northern Ireland, Gary Trew and Seamus McNeill, the first winners of the President's Prize for efforts to promote cross-community understanding. The annual award, sponsored by two newspapers, the News Letter and the Irish News, was announced during the President's visit to Northern Ireland in 1995.

The President congratulated the Prize winners on their efforts to bring together young people from both communities and told them that it is particularly important to recognize their work in light of the brutal murders of David Johnston and John Graham on Monday. Recalling his visit to Northern Ireland, the President expressed his conviction that the people there want a lasting peace. He asked Mr. Trew and Mr. McNeill to encourage others to build the foundation for a brighter future from the ground up.

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