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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 11, 1997


Vice President Gore today (6/11) applauded initiatives launched by private industry and public interest groups designed to strengthen the protection of consumer privacy on the Internet.

The Internet privacy initiatives -- such as the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3) and TRUSTe, are being supported by a broad coalition of companies and public interest groups. They were unveiled as the Federal Trade Commission continued its hearings on consumer information privacy.

"These efforts are an important step towards giving consumers greater control over their personal information," said the Vice President. "They are consistent with the Administration's policy -- which is that consumers need a choice in how and whether their personal information is collected, used, and disclosed. I believe that it is particularly important to protect the privacy of children online."

Gore noted that companies have an interest in letting consumers know what their online privacy policy is. "Survey after survey shows that consumers have real concerns about a lack of privacy in cyberspace. Creating trust will enable the electronic marketplace to explode, and I urge companies to take online privacy issues seriously."

The Clinton Administration will continue to work with family and parent groups to ensure the Internet is safe for kids.