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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 11, 1997


Northern Ireland Peace Process

Yesterday in Northern Ireland, the IRA claimed responsibility for shots that were fired at a vehicle carrying British troops. Thankfully, there were no injuries. The Administration is deeply concerned by this incident, and the abandoning of a van full of explosives in Belfast last week, also claimed by the IRA. We unreservedly condemn violence from any quarter, as we always have. Violence can only derail the progress that has been made in recent weeks toward an inclusive negotiating process based on an unequivocal cease-fire and commitment to democratic principles, which can lead to a just and lasting peace for the people of Northern Ireland.

The Administration joins the many Americans who have worked for the resolution of this conflict in calling for an immediate unequivocal end to violence, which threatens to wreck the prospects for meaningful, inclusive negotiations on the future of Northern Ireland.

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