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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release June 11, 1997
                      ON YOUTH VIOLENCE AND CRIME

Today, President Clinton is acting to further restrict youth access to guns. In a keynote address at the Department of Justice Conference entitled, "Curbing Youth Violence and Drugs: Communities Working Together," the President will announce that he is issuing the Treasury Department to publish regulations requiring federal firearms licensees to post signs and issue written notifications advising handgun purchasers that it is illegal to transfer a handgun to a minor or for minors to possess a handgun.

The conference consists of four panel discussions: (1) targeting guns and drugs; (2) targeting gang violence; (3) enforcement strategies that work; and (4) prevention and intervention strategies that work. Attorney General Reno will open the conference at 9 a.m. The President will speak during lunch after the first two panels. HUD Secretary Cuomo will close the Conference after panels three and four.

The sequence of events is as follows:

Georgetown University president Father Leo O'Donovan makes welcoming remarks and announces the President, the Attorney General and Treasury Under Secretary for Enforcement Ray Kelly onto the stage.

Under Secretary Kelly will make remarks and introduce the Attorney General. The Attorney General makes remarks and introduces the President.

The President makes remarks.

A fact sheet on the President's juvenile justice announcement, the Administrations record on fighting juvenile crime, and supportive statements from the Fraternal Order of Police and Handgun Control and are attached.