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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 21, 1997


Warm greetings to everyone observing Passover.

Commemorating God's liberation of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery, Passover is the story of a people who, sustained by their faith in God and strengthened by their own courage and determination, broke free from oppression to seek a new life in a new land. Their journey was long and full of peril, and their resolve sometimes shaken by doubt; but ultimately the Jewish people reached the Promised Land, where they could live and worship and raise their children in the sweet air of freedom.

The ageless festival of Passover holds profound meaning for Americans. We began our nation's journey to freedom more than two hundred years ago, a journey that is still not complete. Now we look forward to a new century and a new millennium, strengthened by the knowledge that we, too, have been blessed by God with the vision of a land of great promise set aside for those who cherish freedom.

As we mark the observance of another Passover, let us renew our commitment to America's promise. Let us continue our journey to a land where all our people are free to pursue our common dreams -- to live in peace, to provide for our families, and to give our children the opportunity for a better life.

Hillary joins me in extending best wishes for a joyous Passover celebration.


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