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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release April 11, 1997


I firmly believe that the lower court has ruled incorrectly in striking down this landmark line-item veto legislation. I continue to believe that the line-item veto -- a power exercised by 43 governors -- is an important tool for the President to strike wasteful spending and tax items from legislation. The last Congress took the right step in enacting this important tool, and I was very pleased to sign it into law.

The Solicitor General has reviewed the decision and has authorized an immediate appeal to the United States Supreme Court. The Solicitor General intends to ask the Supreme Court to expedite the consideration of the appeal and to schedule argument in June so that the case can be decided before the conclusion of the Court's term at the end of June.

This action has my strong support. It is my hope that it will result in an expedited ruling that clears up any confusion.