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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release March 26, 1997

In response to questions taken at the daily press briefing, the following answers are provided:

Q: Was the First Lady aware that Webster Hubbell had been hired by the Lippo Group at the time it occurred?

  1. According to David Kendall, the President's private counsel, the First Lady had no knowledge of Mr. Hubbell's hiring by the Lippo Group when it occurred. Like the President, she believes she learned of Mr. Hubbell's 1994 retention by Lippo quite some time thereafter, when it appeared in press reports in February 1996.
  2. Was Bruce Lindsey aware of whether anyone else in the White House knew about the Lippo payments to Mr. Hubbell?
  3. According to the White House Counsel's office, in approximately September or October of 1994, Mr. Lindsey believes he learned that Mr. Hubbell may have been working for Lippo. He did not know if anyone else in the White House was aware of it.
  4. Can you give us another example of a treaty that was so modified not by a 2/3 vote of the Senate, but by a simple majority of both houses of Congress?
  5. The Treaty of Peace between the United States and Japan was so modified in 1960. Public Law 86-629.