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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release February 28, 1997


Today marks the third anniversary of the implementation of the Brady Act -- one of the most effective public safety measures ever.

The facts speak for themselves. Earlier this week, I announced that during its first 28 months, the Brady Act prevented more than 186,000 felons, fugitives, and stalkers from buying a handgun. Every month the Brady Act blocks an average of 6,600 illegal over-the-counter gun sales, with indicted or convicted felons constituting more than 70 percent of the rejections.

These statistics should end any remaining doubt that might exist. The Brady Act is working.

This important public safety measure is the result of the tireless efforts of two courageous Americans, Jim and Sarah Brady. The Bradys have waged a moral and political battle to save lives and to keep handguns out of the hands of criminals. Their dedication to ending gun violence and making our streets safer is an inspiration to law enforcement and all Americans. Last year, I was deeply honored to bestow upon Jim the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest honor our nation can bestow on a citizen.

I look forward to working with the Bradys to pass my Anti-Gang and Youth Violence legislation, which will require child safety locks for all handguns and apply the Brady Act to anyone who has committed a violent juvenile offense.