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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 16, 1996


President Clinton today named 60 young, independent researchers to receive the first annual Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE).

The new awards, created last spring, recognize demonstrated excellence and promise of future success in scientific or engineering research, and the potential for eventual leadership in their respective fields. The candidates are nominated by agencies across the federal government, and recipients receive up to $500,000 over a five-year period to further their research.

"From the ranks of these outstanding young researchers will come tomorrow's leaders in science and technology, our univeristy faculties and our Nobel laureates," said John H. Gibbons, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology. "The talents of these young professionals will create the world of the 21st century."

Receiving PECASE awards in a White House ceremony today are:

Department of Agriculture
Pina Fratamico, Agricultural Research Service Barbara Gartner, North Dakota State University Kenton Rodgers, Oregon State University

Department of Commerce
John Daniel, NOAA Environmental Research Laboratories Eric Cornell, NIST Physics Laboratory
David Stensrud, NOAA Environmental Research Laboratories Roland Pozo, NIST Computing and Applied Mathematics Laboratory

Department of Defense
Andrea Bertozzi (Navy), Duke University Nesbitt Hagood (Navy), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Gail Kineke (Navy), University of South Carolina Paul Laibinis (Navy), Massachusetts Institute of Technology Venkatakrishnan Selvamanickam (Air Force), Intermagnetics General Corporation
Peter Sercel (Army), University of Oregon

Department of Energy
Shenda Baker, Harvey Mudd College
Richard Cairncross, University of Delaware John Hill, Brookhaven National Laboratory Philip Jardine, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Christine Siantar, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Michael Smith, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Department of Veterans Affairs
Melissa Clark, VA Medical Center, Nashville, TN and Vanderbilt University
Joseph Cubells, VA Medical Center, West Haven, CT and Yale University

Environmental Protection Agency
David Barnes, University of Arkansas
Qing-Huo Liu, New Mexico State University Keith Grasman, Wright State University

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Dora Angelaki, University of Mississippi Medical Center Christopher Chyba, Princeton University Andrea Donnellan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Heidi Sosik, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Ellen Stofan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Kimberly Weaver, Johns Hopkins University

National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services
Allison Doupe, University of California, San Francisco Ali Hemmati-Brivanlou, Rockefeller University Paul Khavari, Stanford University
Aron Lukacher, Emory University
Deirdre Meldrum, University of Washington Lee Ann Niswander, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research David Self, Yale University
Morgan Sheng, Massachusetts General Hospital Mark Walter, University of Alabama, Birmingham Keith Woerpel, University of California, Irvine

National Science Foundation
David Burke, University of Michigan
Erick Carreira, California Institute of Technology Fengshan Chen, Florida International University Juan de Pablo, University of Wisconsin, Madison Peter Delfyett, University of Central Florida Bonnie Dorr, University of Maryland
Weinan E, New York University
Marc Edwards, University of Colorado
Mark Gluck, Rutgers University
Marilyn Gunner, City College of CUNY
Daniel Hess, University of South Florida Robert Kennedy, University of Florida
Michael Kremer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Charles Marcus, Stanford University
Massoud Pedram, University of Southern California Ruey-Jen Hwu Sadwick, University of Utah John Sutherland, Michigan Technological University Todd Verdoorn, Vanderbilt University
Michael Wysession, Washington University John Yin, Dartmouth College

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