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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 16, 1996


U.S. and EU Assistance to Bosnia

     The United States and European Union have been leading 
     partners in helping rebuild and bring long-term peace to 
     The U.S. and EU are the major donor countries to the 
     reconstruction effort and coordinate closely to ensure that 
     assistance reaches those who need it.  
     In late 1995 and early 1996, the U.S. participated in two 
     successful donor coordination meetings hosted by the EU and 
     the World Bank.  
     At those meetings, donors pledged over $1.8 billion for 
     reconstruction costs for 1996, including approximately $282 
     million from the U.S. and $718 million from the EU.
     The U.S. supports the EU and World Bank plans to host a 
     donors' conference in late February or early March to raise 
     funds for 1997.  We expect the U.S. and EU to be leading 
     donors in 1997 as well.
     In addition to assistance for reconstruction, the U.S. and 
     EU countries have been working together for long-term peace 
     in Bosnia in other ways as well, including helping the OSCE 
     to organize Bosnia's first democratic elections, 
     contributing international police monitors to the 
     International Police Task Force, jointly pressing the 
     parties to live up to their Dayton commitments, and serving 
     as the leading troop contributors to IFOR.

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