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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release December 2, 1996

The President today awarded the Congressional Space Medal of Honor to Dr. Shannon W. Lucid. The text of the citation reads as follows:

            Through five historic and complex Space Shuttle 
            missions during 18 years with NASA, Dr. Shannon W. 
            Lucid has personified the excellence that is the 
            hallmark of our space program.  While aboard the 
            Russian Space Station Mir, with grace and good 
            humor, she conducted important scientific experiments, 
            communicated with citizens around the world, and 
            broke the American record and women's world record 
            for continuous time in space.  Her contributions 
            to international cooperation and research in space 
            are an inspiration to all who have gazed into the 
            nighttime sky.  Shannon Lucid is an explorer in the 
            best tradition of those who dare to challenge the 

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