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Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release November 21, 1996


State Visit by President Frei of Chile

President Clinton has invited Chilean President Eduardo Frei to the White House for a State Visit on February 26. This first State Visit of the second term recognizes our two governments' shared commitment to democracy and our rapidly expanding relationship with Chile.

The State Visit will provide an opportunity for the two leaders to review the recent growth in our bilateral economic and political relationship. The Presidents will also discuss our growing cooperation in multilateral diplomacy, as exemplified by our collaboration in supporting the Ecuador-Peru peace process. We also work together closely at the United Nations, where Chile participates in several peacekeeping operations and is completing a term on the Security Council.

As host of the next Summit of the Americas in March 1998, Chile will play a leading role in advancing our objective of building a hemispheric community of free-market democracies.

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