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                  Office of the Press Secretary
                          (Chicago, IL)
For Immediate Release                             August 29, 1996
                       AVIATION COMMISSION
 Professors, Consultants, Advocates to Join First Seven Members 
                         Already Working

Vice President Al Gore today announced President Clinton's intention to appoint 11 new members to the Commission on Aviation Safety and Security. Those named today will bring the total number of commission members to 18 and join work already underway to address the future of aviation safety and security.

"The Commission on Aviation Safety and Security has been working since President Clinton created it after the explosion of TWA Flight 800," said Vice President Gore. "The new members announced today will bring additional expertise and experience to the difficult task of reviewing short-term and long-term issues related to aviation safety and security."

On July 25, 1996, President Clinton asked Vice President Gore to chair a commission on the future of aviation safety and security. President Clinton gave the commission a three-part mandate to review: 1) Airline and airport security; 2) Oversight of aviation safety; and 3) Modernization of the air traffic control system. President Clinton asked Vice President Gore to make an initial report to him within 45 days from the date of his announcement.

On August 22, 1996, the first seven commission members appointed took part in an informational briefing where they heard specifically about vulnerabilities to airport and airline security, the state of technology to deal with those threats, and systems such as passenger profiling that help to improve security. Previously, Vice President Gore and commission staff participated in numerous security briefings and meetings, as well as site visits.

The commission members President will appoint are:

Antonia Handler Chayes, Senior Advisor,Conflict Management Group Jesse Lee (Jack) Beuchamp, Professor, Division of Chemistry and

     Chemical Engineering at the California Institute of 
Lt. General (ret.) James A. Abrahamson, Chairman and CEO,
     Air Safety Consultants, Inc.

Carl W. Vogt, Senior Partner, Fulbright & Jaworski Brian Michael Jenkins, Deputy Chairman, Kroll Associates Kathaleen Flynn, Airport Security Anti-terrorism Advocate George H. Williams, President, Victims of Pan Am Flight 103, Inc. Bradford W. Parkinson, Professor, High Energy Physics Laboratory,

Stanford University
Jack Lew, Acting Director, White House Office of Management and

Laura D'Andrea Tyson, Chair, White House National Economic

Ray Kelly, Undersecretary of the Treasury for Enforcement

On September 5, the commission will hold its first public meeting. The following members were previously appointed.

Federico Pena, Secretary, Department of Transportation Jim Hall, Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board Louis Freeh, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation John Deutch, Director, Central Intelligence Agency William Coleman, Former Secretary, Department of Transportation Victoria Cummock, Aviation Security Anti-Terrorism Advocate General (ret.) Mike Loh, Former Commander, U.S.A.F. Air

Combat Command